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Crafting Through COVID-19

Firstly welcome to be blog and if you have got this far thank you. Crafting for many is not just a hobby, it is a therapy. A blanket of safety when you feel like the world is going mad. A way to express ourselves and have that 30 minutes of 'you time'.

That is how I feel at the moment. We are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are closed, most people working from home. I am a key worker and so need an escape and here it is. 10 minutes of peace where I can close a door and just be little old creative me.

I never really understood the therapeutic nature of crafting before, it was always just something I dabbled in, enjoying the results and often wondering why mine did not look a bit like the tutorial I had followed...

But it has developed into so much more than that, colouring and designing has become my down time. I have learnt to understand exactly what was art teacher was trying to explain to me all them years ago. This is my creative expression and every ones finished product will look different, that is what makes card making and paper crafting so enjoyable.

So sat at the sanctuary of my old up cycled bureau which houses my crafting equipment I have decided to share my journey in the hope that my therapy can become your too. 

It is already becoming my little girls...

Thank you for following

Mrs H xx

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