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Heat Embossing

So I spent a long time admiring others heat embossing and amazed at the results but too afraid of failure to allow myself myself to try it. I just avoided it like the plague.

But I finally bit the bullet and purchased a starter kit, this included a number of coloured embossing powders, a heat tool and an embossing ink pad. Armed with my new purchases I trailed you tube looking for an easy to follow to guide and after many false starts I now LOVE heat embossing.

A full video tutorial is available on my You tube channel Mrs H's Crafty Corner

Here is a quick step by step guide to get you started on your embossing journey.

Firstly place your paper stock on a hard surface and wipe the paper and your fingers with an anti static bag. These are really cheap and are available on Ebay but make your jobs so much easier. Rub it on your finger tips also to remove excess oil and prevent it contaminating your paper.

Figure out your stamp placement and pat the stamp with embossing ink as you would normally do when stamping

I re ink and re stamp a number of times and this is one of the reasons I love the stamp press it means I can not this really easily without having to worry about it not lining up. I find the more I re ink the better results I get.

Next place a sheet of scrap a4 under your stamped image paper and sprinkle liberally with your chosen embossing powder.

Tip the excess onto the paper underneath and give the paper with the stamped images a gentle tap.

Observe your paper and make sure there is no stray powder on a place where it should not be. If there is use a clean paint brush to gentle tickle it away. Do not rub over the stamped image as you will move the powder from the ink.

Heat the powder and watch it change in front of your eyes. Once it is no longer grainy to look at you are finished 

This is not the best colour to stand out so here it is finished with alcohol markers

Thanks for reading

Mrs H xxxx

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