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Masking Stamps

Masking stamps is really easy and allows you to layer stamps to give an illusion of one item in front of another and they can also be used to ink a background.

In this tutorial I will show you just how easy it actually is. 

Full Video is available here You Tube Channel Mrs H's Corner Crafty

I am using a low tack masking sheet. This is available on amazon

The benefit of this is you can stick it back to the plastic backing sheet and save your masks for future use. However if you do not have masking paper you can use a post it note and dispose of it afterwards.

To begin stamp your image on the masking sheet as you would normally use a stamp.

Fussy cut this out, use a cutting mat and a knife to get to the intricate areas if you need to

Next stamp your image onto the card you wish to use. And lay the cut out mask over the image exactly 

Then either stamp another image over the edge or ink the background. For the purpose of this tutorial I am linking the background 

 the mask is then peeled off to reveal the crisp clear image underneath

Thank you for reading 
Mrs H xxx


  1. I would love to give this a try for some floral images I have.
    I never knew you had a youtube channel either. I'm going across to subscribe now 😊 take care x

    1. Oh thank you! You will be my first subscriber that is not one of my kids or my mum lol x


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