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A Beginners Review of Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers

I have spent a long long time admiring others colouring techniques and staring in awe at their alcohol marker collection. Dream one day, one day....

But if truth be known alcohol markers scared me, there is so much to think about. Which colours blends with which? What brand should I get? Am I wasting money buying cheap ones? What if I spend a fortune and just do not get on with the brand I have purchased. Will I even enjoy using alcohol markers? 

And that is before I even started thinking about which part of the image should be shaded and where to put the highlight!!! So for months I buried my head and pretended that I did not want to learn.

I slowly begun to creep YouTube videos on alcohol markers into my subscription list and begun to wonder if I could....

The few videos lead to whole evenings being lost researching Copic markers but their numbering appeared so confusing every time my finger hovered above the 'buy it now' the rational part of my brain talked me out of it.

Then I saw a Facebook Live by Leann Chivers who is head of product design at Crafters Companion. She was using Spectrum Noir Tri-blend markers and I was sold. I knew I had found a alcohol marker that took the stress out of which colours to blend with which. Here is the link to the video for anyone who is interested Leann Chivers Facebook Live Tri-blend Colouring

I will point out that I am in no way affiliated to Spectrum Noir, Crafters Companion or any other company. This is my option based on my own experience.

For those that are not familiar with this type of alcohol marker in the one pen you have three different shades of the same colour family. Your light, mid and dark shades. 

I have a video showing this on my YouTube channel Mrs H's Crafty Corner

This means that for £3.49 you are basically getting 3 pens and so can quickly build a collection with a number of colours. I started with 2 pens and was so impressed my collection rapidly increased.

Each colour starts with a 'blend' 
This contains your lightest, mid and darkest colour shades.
There is then a second seperate pen in the same colour called a 'shade'
This contains another 3 shades of the same colour that are darker.

You do not need the blend to be able to use the shade or Visa versa. They just offer more options within that colour. I have very few of the 'shade' pens but all of the 'blend' collection.

For example
Tan blend contains colours 
TN1, TN2, TN4
While Tan Shade contains
TN6, TN8, TN9

The pen is longer than an average marker but is still very light and I was not sure if the length would irritate me but I really do not notice it.
The pen barrel itself is a hexagon shape which feels nice to hold and control and has the added bonus that it does not roll off the desk when you place it down.

Unlike most alcohol markers the nib only comes in one size and is a bullet nib. This is the only downside as there is no broad nib for colouring vast areas. 
The pens do follow the same colour chart as the normal Spectrum Noir Markers so if you find you need a larger tip in a specific colour you could purchase that particular pen and still use it with the Tri-blend.

The nib deapite been a bullet nib appears to be very hard wearing as I have caught my 8 year old using them and I inwardly sobbed but even in rough hands the nibs are still perfect.

These are great for beginnings as they take the fear out of alcohol markers. Think of them as 'alcohol markers for dummies'.

I made myself some little carss to mark each colour on so that I have a visual when colouring. I thought you might find them useful so have attached the blank charts in the pdf below. I have just clipped mine together with a hinged ring 


pdf -charts - Feel free to share but please link back to me

Thank you for reading

Happy Crafting

Mrs H xx


  1. I love copics but find them very expensive and I use promarkers but quite a few are now running out -I struggle with blending and these sound pretty good
    Carol x

    1. They really are great and there is no rummaging looking for the next shade, so easy to sit on an evening watching tv and colouring without getting too much tutting from Me H 😉

  2. This is absolutely fantastic. I have been the same and for exactly the same reasons. Alcohol markers and the whole concept scare me, especially as a new crafter. I am in the market for some markers that takes the stress out of the guess work. Thank you for this, I am going to look into the tri-blends for myself. xx


Thank you for your comments I really do appreciate them and read every single one xx