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VE Day Memorial Inspired Sympathy Card

I have known what I wanted to do with this stamp since the moment I ordered it. It is not often that happens for me, but I knew the moment I saw the stamp flash up on my facebook news feed early one morning that I just had to have it. 

It is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and our village had a street party and entertainment planned. The bank holiday had been changed from the Monday to the Friday to commemorate the day. But Coronavirus put an end to our planned celebrations with lockdown been on the cards instead. 

So our VE day bank holiday consisted of decorating the house in home made bunting and an afternoon tea of dairy free scones (child with an allergy) which were an absolute disaster. I actually had to ask the children not to use them as weapons as they would do some serious damage.

I was feeling very despondent with the whole lockdown situation. My husband and I are both key workers so are trying to juggle childcare and the needs of the children and all I really want is a cuppa with my mum. But this stamp set flashing up like it did reminded me to stop thinking like that. Our soilders gave their lives for us. And so my design was born.

The stamp was designed by Daisy Mae designs exclusively for Craftstash to celebrate their 5th birthday and is available here.

For those of you who prefer the full video tutorial is available on my You Tube Channel Mrs H's Crafty Corner. Don't forget to subscribe

What I Used

1 Piece of Green a4 card stock 
White Card to Stamp
Hot Glue Gun
Double Sided Tape
Daisy Mae Village Memorial Stamp Set
Stamp Press
Black Ink Pad
Spectrum Noir Tri-blend Pens


Take the piece of A4 card stock and score at 

Fold and burnish these score lines as valley folds. Your card stock should resemble a U shape

From the top corner of the first score line, score the card diagonally to the bottom corner of the 3rd score line

Repeat this on the bottom one the card to score a large x through your 2nd score line across

Turn the card and repeat on the other side. Fold and burnish thea3 score lines as mountain folds

On each side, push the valley folds down and the mountain folds up to produce the card shape 

Next trim 58 mm ( 2 inch) of the bottom of your card.

Trim your stamped image to fit into the centre panel and secure using double sided tape.

Stamp and colour 8 birds and 8 of the individual poppy heads. Fussy cut these out

Cut the acatate to your chosen length and using the hot glue gun, secure one of the bird stamps to the top.

Next secure the bottom into the top triangle fold. See picture below. For this I used the hot glue gun.
Repeat this process have 2 birds on each side

Cut a piece of acatate the width of the back panel and onto here secure the individual poppy heads that you cut out.
I used the hot glue gun but it was tricky and I burnt my fingers a few times. With hindsight I think I would have been better using double sided tape.
This was then secured again with the hot glue into the bottom triangles of the card. If you would like this slightly higher up the front of your card, just trim the edges accordingly so that when stood up the acatate will remain flat and not bulge.

Using double sided tape I secured the grade and poppies on stems to the front of the card on both sides. See below pictures for placement.

On the front panel of each side a bird was secured

I stamped and coloured the banner and this was fussy cut out and stamped with my sympathy sentiment 

The 2 remaining birds were then glued to the outer edge if the banner

And this was glued to the triangle points either side of the 2 front panels. See picture below.

Hope you have as much fun making it as I did designing it.

Thanks for reading

Mrs H xxxx


  1. Fabulous fold and great image love the birds and banner across the front.Both key workers and need childcare you are doing a brilliant job and think in these lockdown days you are entitled to have down days.
    Carol x

    1. Ah thank you, I had great fun designing it. Crafting is my therapy


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