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What Does Your Crafting Space Look Like?

Do you have the perfect crafting space to call your own? Is it a room, with pretty storage, where you can close the door and loose yourself to the outside world? I dream of this. 

My crafting supplies are packed into various boxes and moved from room to room depending on which room is free. I have my desk in our bedroom. An old bureau I bought off of eBay for £40 about 8 years ago. I was going to write a novel at it, or so i thought when I purchased it. This was a long long time before my crafting journey begun. 

The bureau has undergone a number of chalk paint makeovers during it's time with us and has been placed in just about every room in the house but is currently in our bedroom. Unfortunately Mr H works shifts and so my creative space often needs to become my dining table. This results in me tip toeing into our room to retrieve which ever piece of equipment I have forgotten this time!

The dining table is far from ideal. My children are like newborns and so need feeding roughly every 40 minutes, I have no sooner unpacked all my crafting supplies and someone needs to sit at the table to eat and so I repack them and then the cycle starts again.
I think every parent with children in lock down must have had a double in their food bill. I just can not seem to fill them.

I stare out of the patio window at the tiny playhouse at the bottom of the garden. I could buy myself a shed!! A shed I hear you all sigh. Yes don't worry I talked myself out of that one, too damp, dark and full of spiders. But it did get me thinking.

It was my son who suggested sorting the garage. As I moaned and packed away for the billionth time that hour. He even offered to help!!! 

And so our Saturday task was born

Never Knew We Kept So Much Junk

As you can see it took some clearing and we did not find any treasure. The most interesting thing my son found was a dead mouse which of course distracted his attention away from the task at hand. I mean how could tidying up compete with a dead mouse!

Still has a little way to go but Mr H has even put me up a shelf

What is your crafting area like? Please comment and share your ideas.

Follow me on my crafting journey.
Thanks for reading 

Mrs H xxx

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