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Review - Finesse by Spectrum Noir

When I first started on with my stamping addiction  my stamping journey I was not sure what to expect, I was a total beginner and when my clear stamps arrived I was not prepared. It was floppy, I kept smudging the ink, I had no idea I needed a block to put it on....

I have come a long long way since them early days but one thing that has not changed is the black ink pad I was using. It was one I found in my  8 year old daughters craft supply. I have no idea where it came from or even if it was any good. It actually turns out that it is a Tsukineko Impress in Jet black. But being the only black ink I have even used I decided to see what else was on the market.

My needs have changed since my early days. I now need something that is alcohol proof. Back in the beginning I used coloured pencils, that was if I coloured them at all as I had no confidence in my ability. I just knew it was something I enjoyed doing. 

There is nothing wrong with the impress pad when used with alcohol markers but I wanted a dark brown to step away from the harshness of the black. I know alot of individuals prefer to stamp in brown.

So for hours I poured over internet reviews, which ones are best? who has what in stock? how long is delivery? Will it give me crisp lines?

I eventually decided on Spectrum Noir Finesse. I love their markers so much I thought I would give their alcohol proof ink a try.

I have to say I am impressed with the crispness of the lines. I have stamped the same image in the Finesse and the Impress. The finesse is on the left. You can really see the defined lines. 

There is definitely no smudging when I am colouring. I have to say I am very impressed 


So I have been using these for over a week now and I have to say they are the ones I instantly reach for, I have had brilliant results every time and am very please with the purchase

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Happy Crafting

Mrs H xx


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