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Sweet November Reindeer Games Release

So on Tuesday morning I awoke to message from the amazing Amy Young, me a message from Amy Young!!! Asking if I would be a guest designer on her new release at Sweet November Stamps. Of course I would love too.
So I got out of bed, got showered and was on my second mug of coffee when I started to question if it had actually happened or if I had dreamt it and I had to recheck my phone!!

The new release is called Reindeer Games and features Puddin, Snickerdoodle and Figgy. 

My First Card Uses Puddin and he is feeling rather proud of himself as he has just come first place in the annual reindeer dash

There is a video of the colouring of this on my YouTube Channel Mrs H's Crafty Corner

Spectrum Noir Illustrators Colour Combination

Sky BGR5, TB8, TB5, TB3, TB2, TB1
Moon IG3, IG1
Stars white gel pen

Snow BGR3, BGR2, BG1
Trees DG4, DG3, DG2
Flag CR11, CR9, CR7, CR5
Flag Posts EB8, EB6, EB4
Podium EB7, BG4, TN7, TN5, CR11

Reindeer BG6, BG5, BG3
Nose & Ears BG3, BG2, BG1, FS3
Antlers BG4, GB3, GB1
Hoofs RB3, RB2, RB1
Bell & Eyes TB9, TB6, TB4

I was only asked to make one card but love this release so much, the creative juices just did not stop flowing so for my second card I just could not decide which digital stamp to use, so decided to use all 3. Here are the adorable reindeers celebrating that their jobs are over and they can relax for another year

Spectrum Noir Colour Combinations

Walls TN7, TN5, TN3
Floor & Window Frame TN7, TN5, BG3, BG1, TN1
Sky in Window BGR5, BGR4, BGR3
Snow in Window BGR2, BGR1
Bar DR7, DR5, DR2, DR1/ JG7, JG6, JG5
Pumps on Bar IG7, IG6, IG3, GB5, GB3, GB1
Carrots OR3, OR2, OR1, DG3, DG2, DG1
Bar Sign LG4, LG3, LG2, LG1
Fairy Lights TB4, TB3, TB2 BP7, BP5, BP3, LY3, LY2, LY1, LG3, JG3, JG2, JG1
Wall Calendar TB4, TB3, TB2
Reindeer (Pink Bell BP7, BP5, BP3) BG7, BG5, BG3 Nose BG3, BG2, BG1, FS1
Reindeer (Blue Bell TB4, TB3, TB1) BG3, BG2, BG1 Nose BG7, BG6, BG4, FS1
Reindeer (Green Bell JG4, JG3, JG1) BG5, BG4, BG2 Nose BG3, BG2, BG1, FS1

My third card uses Snickerdoodles, he is bouncing out of his stable so excited to be helping Santa load up the sleigh on such an important night

Spectrum Noir Illuatrators Colour Combination

Reindeer BG5, BG4, BG2, 
Nose TN4, TN3, TN2
Hoofs & Antler RB4, RB2, RB1

Stable GB11, GB9, GB6
Stable Floor and Stairs BG7, BG5, BG4
Bush AG5, AG3, AG2
Sleigh GB5,GB3, GB2, DR7, DR5, DR2
Sack EB8, EB6, EB4
Present IB3, IB2, IB1 & LV3, LV2, LV1
Sun LY3, LY1
Sky TB1
Snow BG3, BG2, BG1, TN1, LY1, TB1
Path BG5, BG4, TN4, TN3, TN2

I have had to literally rein myself in at the stage or I would have done nothing elese but play with these adorable digital stamps

Thank you for reading

Happy Crafting
Claire xx


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