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Operation Family Room

Warning There is no crafting involved in this post.

This post is really just here so that I have a record of how things have progressed. In less than a year I have gone from never picking up an alcohol marker to developing an obsession and convincing hubbie to make some home improvements along the way!

So as my crafting really started to take over, I found that the old desk in our bedroom just was not big enough.

I tided up the garage and bought a new desk

Finally all my supplies in one place

But it was freezing, leaky and there was a mouse. We often talked about getting a garden room big enough for a pool table and we discussed sort of jokingly how my craft table could go in there. A seed had been sown

Well it may have taken a little while (6 months) in sorting out the planning permission but the plan begun to be set in motion

We built a shed and the garage was emptied (yes that is me in a million layers trying to keep warm while clinging onto a shed roof)

We started to dig out the foundations (They take payment in the form of McDonalds and Ice Cream)

Mrs H's Crafty Corner became Mrs H's crammed and crafty Kitchen

Every time I turned my back my craft supplies took a pounding 

The Garage demolition begun

We still had more foundations to dig when we recieved a phone call asking if they could bring our build forward by 4 weeks and start in 5 days time? Yes...but our foundation digging had to be stepped up a knotch. Bare in mind England is in a lockdown so we could not ask friends and family to help. Every spare daylight hour, when not in work or remote learning with the kids, my husband, son or I have been out there. 

The great British weather did its best to hamper our efforts. But some how we managed and our build is due to commence in the morning.

I wont lie we are unfortunately one of those families that desipte our best efforts there is always a disaster but the intent to start in the morming is there lol

For now I am gonna relax and colour it has been a long week....

Happy Crafting

Claire xx


  1. I wonder how I know how craft supplies seem to multiply existentially, and that over night with no effort on our part :) :) :). What a great record to have, and wonderful that your daughter shares your passion for crafting too.
    Stay safe

  2. Exciting times Claire, such a good idea to keep a record - I hope everything goes to plan.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  3. What a fabulous and fun journey Claire and I think it is always wonderful to see other people crafts spaces..good luck with it all and really looking forward to seeing the end I'm

    Luv CHRISSYxx

    1. Thank you. I can not believe how much work they got done yesterday

  4. How is it that half a dozen alcohol markers breed and before you know it you need a whole room to accomodate them!!? I have found the same with stamps and dies too!! Good Luck, hope everything goes without a hitch!! xx


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