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Gardening Girlie

I love the idea of growing my own fruit and veg, we have a plum tree, an apple tree, a pear tree and last year planted a cherry tree, an almond tree and a blueberry bush. However I just can not have a green house, there was an almighty smash the other day and I run out expecting a broken window but thankfully only my solar light was the casualty of the cricket ball. Image a greenhouse. I would be a nervous wreak. Anyway this girlie appears to have very green fingers and is busy working in her greenhouse

 Card Making Supplies

Gardening Digital images by The Greeting Farm

Gardeners Digital Image by The Greeting Farm

Spectrum Nou4 Alcohol Markers

Card Making Tutorial 

I printed out my image and coloured using the following blends


Hat PP6, PP3, PP1, HB3, HB2, HCR6, CR3, CR1, GY3, GY2, GY1

Trousers TB5, TB3, TB2

Top JG5, JG3, JG1

Shoes IG10, IG7, IG5

Skin FS8, FS7, FS6

Hair EB7, EB5, EB3

Strawberry Tub EB8, EB5, EB4, GY5, GY3, GY2,

strawberries CR11, CR9, CR8 / CR10, CR7, CR6, AG3, AG2, AG1

Strawberry Leaves YG3, YG2, YG1

Strawberry flowers LY3, LY2, LY1

Potato Tub GB11, GB9, GB7

Soil RB4, RB3, RB1

Potatoes TN6, TN4, TN3, CG4, CG3, CG2

Fence TN3, IG3, IG1

Tree EB8, EB6, EB4, EB2, DG4, DG3, DG2

Shadow under tree GG5, GG3, GG1

Bush YG3, YG2, YG1, CR11

Path TN6, TN4, TN2

Grass LG3, LG2, LG1

Sky TB1, IB1, BT1

shelves EB6, EB4, EB2

Plant pots CR6, CR4, CR2

Soil MB4, MB2

Seedlings JG6, JG5, JG4

Tomato Plant DG4, DG3, DG2, DR7, DR5, DR4, TN5, TN3, TN1

Greenhouse frame IG8, IG7

Glass BGR2, BGR3, White Gel Pen

Green house floor BG7, BG4, BG2

The panel was trimmed and glued onto a A5 pink Card base

Thank you tor reading 
Happy Crafting

Claire xx


  1. Another simply delightful scene!! Fabulous!!

  2. Used to love spending time in my greenhouse but wasn't as tidy as this little girl,a beautiful card Claire

  3. I never tire of your lovely scenes and this one is particularly lovely. Our greenhouse has been the casualty of a cricket ball many times over the years, thank goodness my boys are all grown up now!!

  4. This is about as adorable as it can get Great coloring ......Lis

  5. Oh this is so cute Claire, and as always beautifully coloured. We've planted loads of fruit trees over the years, and as we've been here for 40+ years now some of them are very big lol. Take care and have a great week xx

  6. Such a beautiful and cheery card, absolutely fabulous...both colour and style. xxx

  7. Beautiful card and lally love the scene and cute image.My hubby has an old greenhose made with pvc panels and it has a large hole in the roof due to him throwing a chicken carcass on the garage roof behind but misjudged the height and it fell back through the greenhouse roof!!!He now has a poly tunnel lol
    Carol x


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