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A perfect Time To Craft

I purchased Mindy Baxters copic marker all occassion card training course and it has sat needing some attention for a few weeks. So when I saw this image from Charlie's stamps I knew I had to have it for my challenge inspiration and I could use the training course along it

Fairytale mushroom

This was one of my first ever stamp purchases so it felt fitting to revisit it and place it in an enchanted setting 

Glowing sea

Loving the new mermaids from Sweet November Stamp and practicing under sea scenes

Be a Unicorn

Always be a unicorn, where ever you are, even if you are wondering in the wildnerness


I have never managed to come up with a scene for this little fairy before, but this misty arch is just perfect adding to the magical illusion 

fathers day husband

Now this is the one card that I always want to buy. How can you thank someone that dedicates his every breathing minute to you and his kids. So I went soppy


A real tongue in cheek card today for my Dad from the kids for Father's Day. My dad is the fitness man I know and so this is a mick take as we remind him of his age often


Well today is the day my youngest baby reaches double figures. So this is for my Harry Potter mad, bunny loving, feisty whirlwind Martha

Feeling Confident

So I am trying to push my comfort zones, you all know I have taken a few Sandy Allnock classes but I will only really learn the techniques if I apply to different situations right???
In the lesson this is a snowy hillside with a mountain cabin, so lets switch that to a grassy mountain with a barn

Tea Room

I love the idea of a vintage tea room and these cute little citters look so at home

woodland cuddle

Nothing like a hug in the woods, quite novel considering we have not been allowed to hug for so long

Caffinated Critters

These 3 look like they are straight out of a story book, sat on the log enjoying coffee and donuts putting the world to rights

Camping Dad

I have been so excited for my new My Favourite things to arrive but life has been a little hectic, trying to get the garden sorted out so I literally just have not had two minutes to play. But of course Fathers Day is nearly here here in the UK, so I had the perfect excise to create a card

Blooming Bunnies

My baby is about to turn 10!! She is bunny mad and had has a jelly cat bunny since she was born that literally goes everywhere with her. She is also quite into her gardening, planting a load of herbs so thought this would be the perfect card for her

big news

I have wanted some Purple Onion Designs stamps for a long time so was really pleased to find that they were now been stocked here in the UK, however they were sold out when I first attempted so had to wait a little longer but am so glad I finally got some 

T4TD Scene

This months challenge for Time For Tea Designs Challenge Blog is a scene card. This is my niche so I just knew I had to enter. This poor bunny got a little more than he bargained for though when he was asked to hold onto that rope


A freebie from Sweet November Stamps and it really is pushing my comfort here, You may not have noticed but I avoid mermaids like the plaque as I really struggle with under water scenes but it is time to bite the bullet and stop been a baby. So I pulled on my big girls pants and went for it, It didn't actually turn out as totally underwater, but is definitely a sea scene

warm wishes

A nice walk through a mystical woodland for this two. Although they are a winter set they look quite apt in the woods with their warm coats and boots

Background Stamps

A story book scene for this adorable little bear from Tim3 For Tea Designs. I have paired him with the new Lee Holland background scene stamps and have to say i am in love

Tweet friends

This adorable bird from the Stacey Yacula Tweet Friends is seriously trying to impress his lady friend, she does look a little smitten


I took my inspiration for this card from Kit and Clowder March class, in which we coloured a cave, I decided this would make a perfect tree and that would be the perfect home for Mr Foxy

I wanted to make a bouquet of flowers as if Foxy had just collected them on his way home. To do this I roughly cut out a mask, then stamped the flowers from the Sett stamp set

BBQ Anyone

This card is for my best friends husband, he is the BBQ master and can cook anything as long as he is in the garden. Put him in the kitchen and nothing is edible

T4TD Swap

I signed up to take part in the Time For Tea Designs Card Swap on Facebook, my recipient has received her card so I can now share

Then I had a big on a mental block on the sort of card I could send and eventually came up with this idea


I totally forgot I had got this stamp free last month until the Sweet November Stamps Newsletter dropped into my inbox and I got his months freebie. I think I felt a little intimidated as I am not very confident with under water scenes but I do love how it turned out