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A perfect Time To Craft

Well another month gone. When this goes live, I will officially be on my holidays and that means we are in the second half of yet another year...

desert island

Very nearly time for my holidays, I wont exactly be relaxing in the sun in a hammock but at least it is a different 4 walls to look at in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales

Twisted Gate Fold

It is so long since I have done a twisted gate fold card but felt that the water lillies from this new stamp set by Crafty Purple Frog deserved some loving

Hardworking Dad

I always struggle for ideas for masculaine stamps and especially when it is fir my husband and my dad. Here is one of the cards for my husband for the kids for Fathers Day


I am beginning to wonder if I will ever tire of this otter. Stood pondering life on a bridge over a stream today

Fly Away

Holiday season is upon us and Miss Anya is making the most of the green list but with no isolation rules, she is off on her travels. We go away on Friday and I daren't start to get excited in case we get track and traced before then

Fast Food

This is another stamp set I got when I first started my journey and I think I have only used it once. I decided to colour it up into a scene

Covered Bridge

This is one of those scenes that did not turn out anything like i expected but I do quite like it.

thanks teacher

Well we have somehow made it to the end of another very strange school year but time to thank the amazing individuals that have engaged my volatile daughter for the last 12 months. This is my entry into the Instagram Summer Hop for this week as to me the end of the school year always signifies summer

Otter Shop

This adorable otter is off to the shops for his new life jacket, he seems to have misplaced his, maybe he left it on the park bench (oh no wait that was my son and his PE kit....)

Woodland Frog

I wanted to try to portray our hoppy friend here in his natural habitat, sat on the edge of a lake in the woodland

Under Canvas

This would be me, falling over myslef in the sark when I decode I need the loo in the middle of the night

sweet Robin

To me a Christmas card that has the image of a robin on it also needed snow and  a post box

Long Summer Day

Oh what a thought a huge pool in the back garden to keep the kids entertained while I relax under a palm tree and sip a cocktail 

Summer Apartment

Oh my how wonderful would it be to live in or even rent just for a holiday a building like this with huge glass windows over looking the swimming pool. A perfect summer scene for week 3 of the summer hop over on Instagram

Deer party

Using the Deer Friend from Crafty Purple Frog, I could not help but put the fairy lights on his antlers, he looks like he is on his way from the office Christmas party and is clearly steadier on his feet then I would be if he is daring to cross the log over the stream...

nursery storytime

There is always time for a good book and rabbit teacher certainly thinks so too. He has rounded up his charges and is keeping everyone entertained


Wow this little mermaid and her fishy friends are very impressed with their little selves today, they have found a pearl in a cavern

Grinny Pig

When I saw this stamp set I knew I had to have it for my colleague as she turns 30 next month. Not yet sure what I want to do for her card but could not wait any longer to colour it up

Cheeky Otter

This is one cheeky otter he has spent the morning fishing in the local brook and is now selling the fishing to the locals, thankfully I can not see any no fishing signs

Boba Tea

Found this stamp set, it had dropped down a back of a box in the shed from when we had all the building work done. My Crafting has come so far I thought it would be a good idea to colour them up for comparison

No Lines

I wanted this to be a soft no lines scene so stamped my image using a very soft ink ink. I am participating in a summer hop, the idea is that every Friday throughout July we will post a summer themed card using the hashtag #summeraspired

Release Day

I was so impressed with the Copic Enchantment course by Sandy Allnock that when my green pens run out I decided to enrol in the winter wonderland course and it is just perfet for some of the new release from Crafty Purple Frog

Rockin Robin

But Claire it is Only July I hear you shout. Yes well that is the second half of the year!!!! This adorable scene card used the new release from Crafty purple Frog called Rockin Robin and I have taken inspiration from lesson 5 of the Sandy Allnock Copic Enchantment Course

Hoppin By Pop Up

Sneak Peak Day 2, So as soon as I received the Hopping By Stamp Set From the new release from Crafty Purple Frog I knew I wanted to do something a little different. But I could not make up my mind what, so a scene card, come pop up, come shaker all rolled into one emerged


I really can not believe how fast this year is going. It is time for another new release at Crafty Purple Frog and it follows on the animal theme and makes me think back to childhood stories of wind in the willows. Mr Otter here is attempting to catch his dinner

badger at sunset

Mr Badger is definitely one of my favourite characters and I love his versatility. You guys sure may be sick of seeing him but I do not bore of colouring him up. Today I visited an old kit and clowder class in an attempt to give him actual fur. Needs some work but not too bad

Frost Friends

I am actually missing doing christmas scenes so decided I would ink up my new set from My Favourite Things 

Summer Hop Week 1

I have teamed up with a number of other Cardmakers on Instagram to participate in the summer hop. This involves producing a summer themed card every Friday throughout July. Here is my first contribution. When I think of summer I think of long days playing in the park and the surrounding fields on my bike so felt this was quite fitting

Mad professor

In an apartment block in a distant city, working on new equations and theories