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Papercraft Society June Box Make

So I got the email to tell me Julys box had been released and had a mild panic as I had not made anything yet with my June box. I wanted to make a shaker but felt a little overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of ideas racing through my mind.

Leaf Play

I placed an order from America just before the world locked down. I wanted to make a magical card for Martha's birthday but due to the Virus the stamp set did not arrive in time so I had to rethink my plans. This stamp set was one I ordered at the same time and as it took so long to arrive I had actually forgotten all about it so it was a lovely surprise. It is such a fun set, I can see the animals all running about the forest throwing the autumn leaves at each other. Anyway I digress

Spring Blossom Embossed Card

This card uses one of my bargain finds from last week. A Daisy Mae Design Stamp in Spring Blossom. I am really pleased with how this coloured up and love the new shade of Tri-blend pen the Postman has just delivered. It is 'Bright Pink Shade' and has produced that amazingly vibrant reddish pink flower.

A Wine Bar Card

I made the mistake of asking Mini Miss H what sort of card she would like me to make her to give to Daddy for Fathers Day. She thought about it for the whole of about 5 seconds before she proudly announced , Erm I would like it to be a wine bar.....

My imagination totally left my body as I stumbled over my words, but after the initial "how the heck am I gonna do that?" moment. I had a little idea that developed and turned into a bigger idea....