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Time for a new release at Crafty Purple Frog. It goes live on Friday but sneak peaks start today and first up we have King of the river. This kingfisher is just stunning, so I felt that he really needed the lime light, so a monochrome background it is


Little Fairwee here, is having a sneaky five minute rest and enjoying the wildlife

Autumn Snuggle

I love snuggling under a blanket and this little sweetie is the same, watching the delights of nature around her

Crafty Purple Frog Challenge

Crafty Purple Frog are having a challenge, you can participate on either their blog, Instagram or the Crafty Purple Frog Facebook Group. 

There is a great prize up for grabs

You need to use the same sheet of 6x6 to create a number of cards, you can use a different stamp set, however I chose to use the same one

Winter Robin

A Winter Wonderland background that really makes this adorable Robin pop using the Sandy Allnock Copic Winter Wonderland Course

Interactive Enchantment

Taken my inspiration for this interactive card from the Sandy Allnock Copic Enchantment Course. This was the first lesson of Sandy's that I ever took and I could not actually believe that I have created the piece when we were finished. This is still one of my favourite scenes and so I decided to change it up a little by using blue turquoises

Employees of the month

Oh my these 2 gnomes will not be winning the employee of the month award anytime soon

Twisted Gate Fold

It is so long since I have done a twisted gate fold card but felt that the water lillies from this new stamp set by Crafty Purple Frog deserved some loving


I am beginning to wonder if I will ever tire of this otter. Stood pondering life on a bridge over a stream today

Otter Shop

This adorable otter is off to the shops for his new life jacket, he seems to have misplaced his, maybe he left it on the park bench (oh no wait that was my son and his PE kit....)

Woodland Frog

I wanted to try to portray our hoppy friend here in his natural habitat, sat on the edge of a lake in the woodland

sweet Robin

To me a Christmas card that has the image of a robin on it also needed snow and  a post box

Deer party

Using the Deer Friend from Crafty Purple Frog, I could not help but put the fairy lights on his antlers, he looks like he is on his way from the office Christmas party and is clearly steadier on his feet then I would be if he is daring to cross the log over the stream...

Cheeky Otter

This is one cheeky otter he has spent the morning fishing in the local brook and is now selling the fishing to the locals, thankfully I can not see any no fishing signs

Release Day

I was so impressed with the Copic Enchantment course by Sandy Allnock that when my green pens run out I decided to enrol in the winter wonderland course and it is just perfet for some of the new release from Crafty Purple Frog

Rockin Robin

But Claire it is Only July I hear you shout. Yes well that is the second half of the year!!!! This adorable scene card used the new release from Crafty purple Frog called Rockin Robin and I have taken inspiration from lesson 5 of the Sandy Allnock Copic Enchantment Course

Hoppin By Pop Up

Sneak Peak Day 2, So as soon as I received the Hopping By Stamp Set From the new release from Crafty Purple Frog I knew I wanted to do something a little different. But I could not make up my mind what, so a scene card, come pop up, come shaker all rolled into one emerged


I really can not believe how fast this year is going. It is time for another new release at Crafty Purple Frog and it follows on the animal theme and makes me think back to childhood stories of wind in the willows. Mr Otter here is attempting to catch his dinner