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Cheeky Otter

This is one cheeky otter he has spent the morning fishing in the local brook and is now selling the fishing to the locals, thankfully I can not see any no fishing signs

Release Day

I was so impressed with the Copic Enchantment course by Sandy Allnock that when my green pens run out I decided to enrol in the winter wonderland course and it is just perfet for some of the new release from Crafty Purple Frog

Rockin Robin

But Claire it is Only July I hear you shout. Yes well that is the second half of the year!!!! This adorable scene card used the new release from Crafty purple Frog called Rockin Robin and I have taken inspiration from lesson 5 of the Sandy Allnock Copic Enchantment Course

Hoppin By Pop Up

Sneak Peak Day 2, So as soon as I received the Hopping By Stamp Set From the new release from Crafty Purple Frog I knew I wanted to do something a little different. But I could not make up my mind what, so a scene card, come pop up, come shaker all rolled into one emerged


I really can not believe how fast this year is going. It is time for another new release at Crafty Purple Frog and it follows on the animal theme and makes me think back to childhood stories of wind in the willows. Mr Otter here is attempting to catch his dinner

badger at sunset

Mr Badger is definitely one of my favourite characters and I love his versatility. You guys sure may be sick of seeing him but I do not bore of colouring him up. Today I visited an old kit and clowder class in an attempt to give him actual fur. Needs some work but not too bad

fathers day husband

Now this is the one card that I always want to buy. How can you thank someone that dedicates his every breathing minute to you and his kids. So I went soppy


I took my inspiration for this card from Kit and Clowder March class, in which we coloured a cave, I decided this would make a perfect tree and that would be the perfect home for Mr Foxy

I wanted to make a bouquet of flowers as if Foxy had just collected them on his way home. To do this I roughly cut out a mask, then stamped the flowers from the Sett stamp set


A super quick card today to continue to promote support for the Teen Self Esteem IG hop.

This is produced using digital papers and images from Crafty Purple Frog. These are available for members of the FB Crafty Purple Frog Group for the duration of the hop for free

Free Digis

A super quick post today, do not forget there are free digital images available for anyone that joins the Crafty Purple Frog Facebook page this week as part of the support for the teen self esteem hop, which there is still time to join in. You can find the details here

Heres to You

Since I first saw this badger with his top hat I have imaged him as Hugh Jackman in the Greatest showman. I have no idea why as I am not implying that Hugh Jackman looks anything like a badger. I think it is the hat. Anyway back to card making!!!

I feel like he was the circus master and so felt he needed his own big top. I have tried to shape this as a big top in the past with disastrous results, so have decided to just create it as a scene card. As you will be sick of me going on about it is Teen Self Esteem Awareness week and so I paired it with the Here's to you sentiment as we are all the star in our show


As part of the teen self esteem hop organised by the amazingly talented Jasim,  Amy from Crafty Purple Frog has designed a number of digital images and papers especially for the Hop you can find the sloth images here. The digital images are free to members of the Purple Crafty Frog Facebook Group. The code is on the group

I just adore this sloth and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put part of my Sandy Allnock class to use


So this is lesson 3 of the Sandy Allnock copic enchantment and I have to be honest and say I have really struggled with this lesson.

Birthday Mouse

I was honoured to be asked to be a guest designer for the new release over at The Crafty Purple Frog. Although this is not the first card I have shown you from this release, this is the first card that I created for it

in celebration

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you all that Amy from Crafty Purple Frog has asked me to join her design team on a permanent basis. So I get to play with not only her fabulous releases but all the other amazing brands she stocks from around the world. So what better card to debut with but one that states In Celebration of this day...

I always looked at the Stamping Bella oddballs stamps in awe but never really sure what I would do with them but as my colouring skills and confidence in creating scenes has increased I find myself drawn to them. 

pop up box

The new release from Crafty Purple Frog  is live now. 

This pop up box card was actually going to be an anniversary card with champagne glasses and champagne bottles popping out but somewhere along the line I found my party mouse stamp set and it turned into a card for the new release over at Crafty Purple Frog

Naughty Mouse

When I was a little girl, I was bought a box of Beatrix Potter Books and my favourite was the one where the mice break into the dolls house and trash it, trying to eat all the ceramic food of the plates. This naughty mouse reminded me of that story. Look at the mess he has made when he broke into the bakery. The baker will be very cross in the morning and I am sure environmental health will have to be informed too

Firetime Foxes

Sly Mr Fox is trying to romance his lady here under the northern lights, keeping her toastie warm with a camp fire

The perfect even for this wildlife stamp by Purple Crafty Frog

Sneak Peek Day Two

Day 2 of the sneak peaks for Crafty Purple Frog. So I do not normally go for floral stamps,  I do own some they are just not something I reach for, so this one was a little different to a lot of what I have done lately